Tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet is a thin bracelet covered with small diamonds. This bracelet has a relatively simple look...

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The Tennis Bracelet

How did the bracelet suddenly become so famous? It happened when Chris Evert lost her bracelet during a match against Wendy Turnbull. The match was stopped until Chris Evert found her lucky bracelet. After this incident, many women chose to purchase a tennis bracelet for themselves.

Various Variants

The tennis bracelet comes in various variants. Many of these bracelets are made from precious metals. For instance, many women opt for a bracelet made of platinum or white gold. However, these bracelets are also available in other colours. The best colour for you depends on your personal taste and preferences. Generally, a tennis bracelet complements any outfit. If you choose a rose gold variant, it might go particularly well with a casual and summery outfit. A white gold variant goes excellently with a formal dress. Of course, you're completely free to mix and match the bracelets with any outfit.

Ordering a Tennis Bracelet from Juwelia

Are you searching for a beautiful tennis bracelet? Then you're definitely at the right place with Juwelia. We have a variety of tennis bracelets, ensuring you'll find one that suits you perfectly. When you order a tennis bracelet from Juwelia, you'll never pay too much while still expecting excellent quality! We have a deep passion for jewellery, and that's evident in everything we do. We always carefully package the jewellery in a luxury jewellery box. Additionally, we're always ready to provide you with advice.